ohh..slepas 6 papers!
pnat sbnarnye!huhu.
tp life must go on an..
my special words diz week:
" no matter what, life must go on. dont b so sad, dont b so happy. juz take it easy. coz ALLAH know how much we could survive."
ak plik ngn org yg slalu sedih ngan hidup,
juz relax n look back.
ALLAH gives us "DUGAAN" because He know we can go trough it.
life is not so hard.
lagi bayk nangis, lg byk wasting time
enjoy life wif GOD bless.
and everything will be fine.
with another words : setiap pahit ade manisnye:))
ckp pasl exam, time addm8 : rse nk JERIT satu hall!:(
susah dowh. tp itulah dugaan.
PAI p1 pon sme. tp Alhamdulillah, i know i hav done my best:)
lepas exm mahu pegi PD!
enjoy life
n looking for a new me:)
u know, 2009 hav its own challenges.
ok. full stop about that.
i still miss him
even it's had been 5 moths.
still sumtym i tot he's beside me.
ppl doesn't understand dat
they dun feel, they dun face.
i really miss him. DAMN MUCH!

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