baby ohh baby

Ohh wooaahh Ohh woaahh ohh woaahh
u know u love me, i know u care,
just shout whenever, and i'll b there,
you want my LOVE, you want my HEART
and we will NEVER ever-ever be apart
.......BABY by JUSTIN BIEBER........

okayy, Casper, jwpn tlah dibuat.
kte TEMAN tapyy MESRA(:
mcm awk ckp, kalu ade jodh, ade laa :)
btw, thanx taw cz memg wat org njoyy gle:D
n lgu BABY tuu utk awk ! hehe ;)
hope our relationshp ni x de end2 smpy ble2 :)
okayy. imy(:

p/s: mama JELES ngn ksut yg kte pilh tuu ;)hehe

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