hehe (:

okayy. rini LAST DAYY keje.
act i suppose to quit by next mondayy. tp EMERGENCYY cases.hoho.
tomorrow, gi KL, act in serdang. haha. tp of cz lahh jejak kl sentral first.hee
then, ahad gi trenganu, KEMAMAN sumwhere wif dat suzuki dmax ! "ilike" :)
untill next sundayy.hoho :D abg sharul lak kawen.

btw, SELAMAT BERKAHWIN to ank tauke tmpat keje, si Cha Chun, *i dunno what is his real nme is* hehe:) hope that always bhagiaa wif ur sweet lovely wife :)

n to ABG SHARUL, nntyy next sundayy lahh i wish yek? ;)

okayy. gji xpat lg. n kne jimat2.
*ayah, 'pinjamm' 100? hehe*
tauke xlehh nk bg lg td cz bz wif her son's wedding.
i think she's really nice rini cz pg2 dahh smiling2.haha. mayb itulahh org bhgiaa nk accept 1st daughter-in-laww :)
ahh. xsabaa nk jln2 after 4 months abdi diri pada keje.hoho
my frenS called me workaholic ! -.-'
i AM mayb a workaholic, but NOT a study-holic.haha :D


quit exciting lahh nk study balk.
org yg sedg blaja, mayb rse keje tuhh best.
mle2 memg lahh. and plus xciting if dpt gajiii.hoho *shopping* ;)
tp, lame2, better stdy lahh.
new things everydayy. tp kalu kje, same things everydayy. urgghh -.-''
BOSAN tahuu?

*my CASPER dearyy, org tak marah kt awk lahh*

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