ainyy ! soryy pasal slimut kw tuu :'(
sumpahh weekend ni ak gnti

btw, life makin hectic2. all the test and assgmnt.
next week mayb the interview wif majuperak company. cuakk shiall ! =.=
keyboarding ak makin improve. tp 30 words per minute? phm2 sajalahh :O

first Ramadhan, ntah. excited ade. tp x lahh se-xcited tahun2 yg lalu.
life yg makin bz, bwat hr2 mcm slalu.
first terawikh juga xdpt dilaksanakan. klas BEL120 yg berkoyan2.

"aziera, ta baik mngeluh ! "

ouh. OKAyy! :) spitrit baru okay.
siap an group project before raye
a week after raya will goin to taman negara for kelana laut thingss
then, focusing on test and quizesss
and last : EXTRA attention for final exam :)

and not to forget : huha-huah plan for sem-break.whoaa :))

okayy. speed test nk start !

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