cinta ouhh cinta

sush kn nk jtuh cinta ?

if someone ask u, *do u love me ?*
of cos u're not hesitate to answer *yes, i love u much*
is that *cinta*
or just *syg* ?
yes, i admit that for looonggg tym ago, ak sush nk bg komitmen. sush nk stay wif sumone for quite a long tym.
wee~ sum other frens said *i'm player* no, i'm not. jus when sumone betrayed me, the love changed totaly to *Benci* yes, i had fallen in love before. wif sumone who had gone. no.no i dont want to remmber that.
and now, i'm still falling love, wif sumone, who really care, who really sabar.
sumone who i never imagine to fall in love wif.
sumone yg dlu2 suke usik2 org tym kindegardn. *hey casper, i still remmber that katak okay >.<*

wif this guy, for first tym in my life, i make him wait. wait for my answer for almost a month. he said *ni first tym taww sy ngorat org* i smile to that words. hee. n my heart asked *heyy, why u want to ngorat2 me huh ? * haha :D but i'm glad u yg ngorat cz i noe i'm not wrong, falling love wif u :')
 for this past few days, i love to read these two blogs, created by a couple, who i cn say they're my idol.haha. http://www.gothicalevolution.blogspot.com/ and http://www.inihadi.blogspot.com/
both of them now in UK, one in warwick and the guy in london. if i'm not mistake. heh
they are really sweet, really romntc. they almost get broken up last few months, but wif that urmm i cn say tragedy, made them more strong to face the challenge. challenge to strengthen their love.

*kak azwa + abg hadi, sooryy i slalu jd stalker.haha*

wif my casper, i learn how to make a real date.haha. i rarely dating before. jarang2 shoppg wif a guy before. sebb tuu aii x reti pilih bju yuu taww ;) sorryyy yang :D
it has been 5 months plus2. n get it getting for a year, then years. InsyaAllah.
i really looking up in this relationshp. i really hope on yu yayang ;'))

wif casper, i learn how to buang sgan2 kucing i yang mcm tah pape2.haha. he really make me belong to him. even kdg2 casper like to blablablah when i doing sumthig yg dye x berkenn.haha :D n kdg2 haty jerit2 tlg laa phm i yang.
but i know, he did that becz he love me. really love me. kan yang ? ;)

wif casper, i learn how to say *wey, ituuuhh laki ak. jgn kcw* hee :D when frens always dream to get a bf juz 'hensheemm' like him. hensem kot.haha. wif him. only when i wif him.

even sum ppl say dont be too srius wif this relationshp. ya,  we try to make it steady n lovely. but i really serius. not main2. fullstop.

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SI comot DILA said...

wooot2.hee.aku pon slalu jd stalker juek n hadi.hahahaha.suwett ahh diorg.hee.