belated mothers day

happy mothers day
i know i am late as yesterday lil bit busy chilling out myself as i am awayy from my mom
tapi for my beloved mom, semalam dah wish dah :)

happy mothers day mama :) you are the best mama i ever had. 
i love you very very much
nantikan kepulangan anak mu ini ke kampung halaman esok ! :')

and smalam, went to ssp. quite fun wif those two budak gendott.hahah
suke laa korang kan dapat kfc sorang sekotak? makan, makan, bia cepat lagi besar. hahah
ain jasmani said that *k.iera, you makin lawaa !*
heh, thanks for the compliment dik ;)
*and makin rajin senyummm*
hahah.dah dah laa. kombang semangkok den hah.
actually life is pretty good. sebab tu i hepy. i call it new life
with beloved people around. casper, mama, ayah and adik-adik. they are completed the new me.
esp casper who wiped away tears that alway haunted me for the past two years. thank you very very much sayang:)
ain asked where's casper? sorry laa dik. abang syg i tu tak cuti lagi. next time i knalkan kat you okay?
and now i am doing what i want. that's why so far, Allhamdulillah, i got what i want in my study. just please pray for my future undertaking. bigshot huh? who knows.

and for puteri, i am sorry tak boleh nak tunggu you lame-lame. sebab bukan i yang drive. so tak boleh lame-lame. and i need to meet my uncle kat the mines. and they have been waited there. that's why i tak bleh nak tunggu you. nway, bile-bile i datang lagi okay? promise.

btw, i have got new sleeveless cardigan and a pair of white shoes ! ;)

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