cheesyy WHO WHO

who can guide me through HIS path.

who can sweep my tears and make me smile, again

who does not care seeing me selekeh when i wake up in the morning

who can wake me up dearly early in the morning. dont nag, dont shout, i'm not deaf.

who can together enjoying the musics i listened to

who can respect my parents and love my family, just the way i love them dearly

who can cook my favourite food and buy it if necessary.haha

who can be comfortable to mix up with my dearly family

who can be the beloved son-in-law to my parents

who care my heart, just like i care his heart

who can be among my friends and treat them like his friends too

who can listen to my *froggy* voice

who can advice me when i'm done something wrong

who can be honest with me even it is hard to do

who will never scold me as i hate being scolded

who can cool my temper

who can accept the real me

who can tell me i am pretty without every girl's painted face

who can drive me to wherever i wanted to

who can go camping with me just like i used to

who can cook me Tomyam Maggie Cup when i am hungry in late night

who can enjoy my Lipton tea every late evening

who loves to having date with me even i am not beauty anymore

who can tidy up our house as i am not good at it.hehe

who can be my beauty consultant

who can be my image consultant

who can care about me when i am sick

who can stroll my wheelchair when i am not able to walk again

who can remember me about our sweet moments when i am not able again to remember

who can take care dearly of my little kids when i am not being able to take care of them

first and foremost, WHO CAN LOVE ME DEARLY IN HIS HEART (:

p/s I Love You,  my capital C :)

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