It was last year

since I updated my blog. muahahaha

Hai, Assalamualaikum.

Today is like the other weekends (since I am in my sem break which everyday is a weekend. ahah)
Same old semester break. 

Since mommy is not home,

  Woke up early just to defrost the fish/chicken or whatever iced things that can cook later on afternoon,

  Lazying on bed with my laptop on, my tablet on, scrolling and trolling. lelulz

  When it comes to noon, it's my time to wake up my other two sisters -____-' (bangun suruh masak nasik       since I will doing all the cooks, and clean the dishes as well)

  Then here I went to cook as requested by the Chief Chef (no other than Mama) or anything that comes to     mind from scrolling on the Net and movies. Ahahaha Like this noon, Ma asked me to cook Gulai                   Tempoyak)

  Depends if I still ingat the recipe she taught me. Or other than that, I will make full use of Google. Ehehe

  Then I will have my brunch and get my grandmother to has her lunch. (yes, we live with my dad's mom who   suffered from alzhemier for years)

  I will golek-golek on bed with my gadget before I had my shower.

REPEAT THE NEXT DAY (unless if I have other errands to do)

Such a boring semester break, kan? Hahahahah

I really wish money will fall from heaven and I can get back my non-stop shopping routine. Online or physically.

 "You wished, Raa. You wished."

My semester four ended not so beautifully as this semester was fucking freaking stressed me out.  
The final papers were ____________________.
and most of us were like "God, how to answer this?!" "Did we have this in our textbook?" etc etc

The class was like the usual all girls class. Full of gossips here and there and cat-fights some more. lelulz.
And what I learned from this past semester, there are some who just take you for granted.  All they need is good marks for their assignments. Other than that, buat tak kenal je. If let say kawan susah pun susah sangat nak tolong.  That was what my lesson learned throughout this semester.  And there some who are unexpectedly nice to others and at last you can actually create a sister-bonding relationship like that. 

Hell, yeah.

Truthfully, I cannot wait to end this journey of my bachelor.  

"A year to go, Raa. You can do it!"

Sometimes I reflect myself.
Is that me who going overboard in creating relationship? 
or is that me who sometimes go too blunt in sharing thoughts and ideas?
But in the end, I always end up like
 "Not all people can accept who we are. If they cant, there are out there who still can."
But still there are times where I will slow down myself, open mind to others,
 to actually listen what they have to say. and etc etc
Being in late-teen isnt easy huh? lol

Okay, I think I should go back to the usual self. More scrolling on instagram. Ahah

To whom might concern: I dont care if you dont want even care to contact me. Go put your Note 1 in preheat oven. End.

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