You and Me

Our last outing before Ramadhan ;

our favourite all the time, kbox karaoke Ipoh Parade (:

candid ! while he's trying the cap. 
you notice tak my Casper dah jadi Mr Taff sekarang ? haha

kenal tak spek pinjam kat bawah ni ? hahah

the same spec i wore during my outing in Ipoh previously;

big smile now (:

thank you for the whole day you spent with

thank you for the laughter we shared

thank you for the strawberry chocolate you gave

thank you for the cameron strawberry icecream we shared 
*even awak yang abiskan padahal awal2 cakap tak sedap :P

thank you for all the *komen* when i shopped something. haha

thank you for choosing my very first skirt labuh :P

thank you for everything dear :) ilysm. much much. *buat muke comel* hee

p/s : awak still hutang saye sebab tak bawak pegi loken :( majuk.majuk. hahaha


abdullah gazali said...

wow wow wow wow wow wow !!!!

aziera tarmizi said...

ape wowwwwwwwww? -.-