ape yang best blogwalking ni?


One of my friends asked me this evening, ape yang best sangat blogwalking ni.
to tell you the truth, i am just love to read other's life. it is not that i am the busy-body-people,
i am just happy to see people happy.yeah, they once said, you can make people feel good through writing. 
in blogging, they throw all the tantrum(s), sharing their thoughts, telling their lovely love story(s), posting photos and all. it makes me feel happier that way. i know i have lots friends in reality, but somehow i feel like nobody is there and blog walking s just as strolling at the park on lovelyy evening. 

i know some of them are over exaggerated, but you know, it is nothing to do with your life.
if they do, ask them for kedai mamak, and make the heart-to-heart talk.
it is more better than never.

and i know some people blog walking to get visitors, yeah, i had been that way once, but you know, it is really not sincere. it just like you wanna be friend with some one because he drive a merc. and because of that, i started to become silent reader, i never put my blog link aimlessly in unknown people's blog. but yeah, i am, sometimes, post in my fb or the pages for blogs, just in case, their heart knock their finger to click on my blog.ehehe

So, people out there, if you are too lazy to make yourself walking, just please blog walking babeh !
stalk the maria-elena mercedes, the cikepal, or the Dr hatim razak. you can almost find how these awesome people seeing life in different perspective. 

p/s; somehow, blog walking rush my adrenaline to shop and style like crazyy ! :)

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