When it comes to exam, friends will looked irritated, to many of us. all the regret that we are not paying enough attention in class, the sms-ing during lecturers, the bad-mouths, swallowed us, inside a really deep hole.  But, you know, get back in track and build the confident is very important. i know it looks like *ah, poyo ahh kau ni.* tapi, true. just get back in track.

when i in the semester 1, friends always compared their courses with mine.  they said OM an easy course, OM is an bloody easy to get job, OM is easy for you to get the dean list and the list going on. At that time, i feel a kind of fire in my mind, in my body.  how they easily told me its an easy course even though many of us still cant get the dean? - i am not insulted. it's reality. why? have they been in my course? facing the difficulties and striving for exam(s)
have they?

NO. they didnt.

they only see the cover. and jump to the conclusion(s). they said that their course is difficult like hell, facing all the programming, drawing and models, looking for dateline and all. facing the grumpy-like lecturer who love to throw work that rejected. 

you know, we also faced that. we also face the grumpy lecturer. even if we didnt need to draw like you did, not need to face the calculus,  will you be able to type 30words per minute without looking a glance on you keyboard? - and using the right finger for right alphabet? and digest all the informations, empty the brain, and fill it up with facts. studying Maths that we hate most, entering the course wishing we did not need to touch the fingers in calculator but ending up have one?

i am not saying my course is tough too, but what i going to say that, every course have its difficulties.
it has its own challenges. it has its own joy.  it's us who have been chosen to take it as our journey.
our journey is not ends here. we try our best to do in everything we do.

i know that some of my fellow readers, if have, saying like i am not the one who choose to be here, yeah, i know what it feels. just like the form four girl who didnt want to take pure science but was pushed to take and faced her spm - and now, she regret how she has a such narrow minded and didnt get her chance to study oversea.  but I believe, everything happen has its reasons.its us who must find its beautiful side and enjoy that side and ignoring the dark.  this is the  way, how you can be much more appreciate you life that you owned now.

up till now, i feel blessed what i have found. a journey that i can be proud of.
yeah, for two semester i have got my Dean's. It's a blessed from Allah.
after five years of difficult life that make myself to open my eyes. seeing people who have everything in her life and succeed. and when the time I never appreciate my life. i keep comparing, but i have nothing.
Now, i feel blessed. blessed what i got up till now, with people i loved most.
and i hope this bless will continue to grow, till my last breath, my last destiny.

do pray for our success.InsyaAllah :)

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