By bus

omorrow night, InshaAllah i will be on my way to Terengganu and Kelantan. It is second time for this year - and yeah, for my whole life. i rarely got chance  to go there as takda relatives la kat sana. few in Terengganu, but not as much as here in north Malaysia.haha

i heard that, if we cant use their dialects, it's hard to bargain price, am i? and i think not all of them is that hard.
i sincerely think that it is not only major problem in here, but i think in most of tourist attraction in Malaysia.
i am not giving negative view of my beloved country, yes, but you know, it's common.
and it can give bad impression and these tourism-business-thingy cant stand up long if it will be continue like this.

yeah, when it come to foreigner, you will be most kind biz people in the world, siap try berbahasa dengan speaking london kau.
but when it comes to local, sekali tawar-menawar pun taknak. kan? konon harga barang naik. padahal petrol tak naik-naik pun. politik niaga. puihh -.-

So, as it will be my first time in Kota Bharu and my second time in Kuala Terengganu, please be nice with me okay ? ;)

Girls and shopping cant be separated. that is why i put all shooping-attractions above.haha
shopping, cant wait ! :D

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