My life had been so normal. supernormal.haha
gilaa exaggerate XD

Semester 4 had ended successfully, kot. even many things happened. from personal to core business.

I had done 2012: Sejauh Mana Kebenarannya, by Imam Muda Asyraf with the help from my beloved Equadorians, ALHAMDULILLAH.

I also dah letak jawatan as Penolong Ketua Krew (Pentadbiran) for KLKM (Sea Scouts) UiTM. tak larat dah. bagi mereka yang lain yang lagi mampu memacu persatuan. INSYAALLAH.

I had done my examination, and hoping for result in flying colours, and Dean List again, AMEEN.

I had also done few activities with the scouts, OPKIM Bait Al-amin, Sedim Scouts Challenge etc. ALHAMDULILLAH.

and yes, a bit sad, I'm no longer in a relationship. after few months thinking about the same thing almost everyday, i decided to break up. no longer Mr Casper. just for now, kitaa percaya dengan jodoh. If still I'm yours, still I'll be yours. perhaps. and if not, live a happy life, whoever the Other Half that we might get :)

kita jadi single lah sekarang. takde sapaa nak pening kepalaa -,-

and that's why, my life is normal now.haha XD

I'm just came back from Bagan Lalang in Sepang. spending holidays there. sebab aunty had to be the speaker and she get a large-cosy-family-room, that's why kitorang pun join sekali.hahah
and now, I'm in Putrajaya, just like last semester breaks. the difference is, I will work with my uncle's company,kot. susun-susun file, buat kerja kerani sikit. and what exciting, i will get my very own KWSP ;) InsyaAllah. and some money, so bolehh shopping laa you XDD

this budak were really happy sebab berendam dalam pool  for hourss -,-

after got some milk and fighting some more, they sleep soundly :')
I will be in Putrajaya tak tau lagi berapa lama.hu. just if anyone nak hangout lepak, nak belanja punn boleh, please roger Rara Lee dekat fb okay ? haha.bajet wanted sangat je kauu XD yelaa, duduk perak lame2 pun bukan adaa orang nak ajak dating cam dulu*cehh.

okbye XD

"For Muhammad Noor Fadzil, thankyou very much for every single thing. wishing you all the best"

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liyana said...

yana juz na ziera epy wlau ap pn yg jd. luv u <3