Dear Boy(s) out there,

No matter 
How busy you are with your assignments
How busy you are with your works
How busy you are with your hobbies
with your games
with your bestfriends
with your football
with your family
with your classmates
with your groups
with your clubs
with your business,
Please, (with Capital P there)

spare sometimes for us,
sends morning wishes,
tell us how are you doing,
share your thoughts,
send us lovely messages,
stay up until late at night together,
send us message(s) when you're up to something,
do romantics suprise(s),
dont complain our dress when we are on date,
accept who we are, 
hold our hands when we're walking
be sincere
slow talks when we're wrong
treat us to nice dinner
do 'I-Love-You' wishpers
make a sweet reminder in our phones
and please, guna common sense nak tackle kitorang :p


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