Gembira, Happy dan apa lagi?

I woke up this afternoon with two good news and another three good news after i mandi, which are;

"Long, aku dapat 8A 3B", Yes, my second sister got that for her SPM
"I dapat Straight As !" that my other sister in my old school, Seri Puteri
another Straight As, my cousin far away in terengganu.
and and yes, Mr Sam for passing his physical interview x)

Me, myself? feeling happy and blessed. Blessed. yes, blessed. Looking people around me happy, and yes,my mama got back her brainy daughter after the SPM2009 incident.sigh.

Looking back, my dearest second sister, berbaloi kan aku suruh jugak kau amik akaun tu as your stream?
not pure science as other people said. sebab i knew, kau sama dengan aku. alergik dengan sains. hehe.
at least, kau dah balas dendam untuk aku for taking stream that i dream of, and strive for it. I told you, i even fought with my parents because of I wanted to take accountancy.hehe

I wish I could return at that worst days of my life, and getting back what i missed. seriously.

and yeah, sorry for mengungkit ni lagi. what i can see, people still looking on our academics, no matter what. plus, it's Malaysia. aku pernah hilang kawan sebab aku tak dapat straight As for my SPM. and orang talked at my back about that. It's the worst phase of my life. handling it alone.sigh.

I dont know why i ungkit pasal ni lagi. Maybe i want to studying oversea damn much. yes, damn much. Penat dah weh duduk Malaysia.haha.kemainnnn. tak, tapi tu yang aku nakkan. that's why, when I'm here, in university, taking course that i loved and yes, i fought with my mama before that.hehe, I'm survived, yes, for the time being. Because I'm targeting, no matter what, I will be there, Melbourne? Warwick? no matter where my fate lead me of.

please wish me luck. for your every single du'a :)

and yes, 


cik Deela said...

weyh azieghaaa...sapa tggl mu?xtaw pon.hehe.

cik Deela said...
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