Another cheesy update

Small ways to make a girl happy.

1. If you like her, straight up tell her. No one likes mixed signals. Have confidence, bro.

2. When you hug her, hug her like you mean it. Don’t give her one of those one-armed woosie hugs. Make it tight, and make it meaningful. It’ll make her feel secure.

3. When you walk next to a girl, get as close as you can. Even lightly bump into her at times. Believe it or not, this is another way of saying “I like you.” Trust me, it works every time.

4. If she’s the only one in your life, let her know. Girls need constant reassurance, so give it to her.

5. Give her gifts “just because.” Shoot, you don’t need a special occasion to give a girl a gift. Do it in the least meaningful of times. Surprise her a little bit.

6. Kiss her lightly. No one likes sloppiness. Put something behind your kiss every chance you get.

7. When she’s cold, don’t stand there like an idiot and say “me too.” Be a man, and give her your jacket and wrap your arms around her tightly. It’ll keep you both warm.

8. Don’t pressure her to do anything she isn’t comfortable doing. Girls like things to be special and perfect. So don’t rush things.

9. Keep secrets, stories, ect. between you two. Don’t go around telling others things she told you. She trusts you, so don’t ruin it for yourself. You may never get her trust back.

10. Don’t over use, “I love you.” If you have to, say it rarely. Girls would rather hear you say it once and mean it, rather than say it a dozen times in a day and never mean it.

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