I really need to go back home. yes, I'm okay with my life here. but without the jobs, without the transport, feeling like loser. I have friends, yes, of course, tapi takkan all the time diorang nak layan i membebel kan. at least, at home, i can do whatever i want, i can do something productive. I can makeover my bedroom, re-arrange the photos. I knew it's only about two weeks, but I really cant live like this. doing same routine, nothing productive, sleep, eat, tv, movies, chatting and online all the time, sicked.seriously. macam manaa aku nak hidup lagi duaa bulan ni wehh ? -,- Orang cakap, hidup takde komitmen ni senang, you can lay on your bed all day, eat whatever you can. feeling fat and fatter. whoaa, i cant live like this.like seriously.

aunty asked me to go out there, searching for part time jobs. but uncle wants me to help him. the thing is, i dont know when it will be started ! sigh. And looking for part time job are bit difficult as i have no transport. and tak reti bawak pun, except basikal.huuu. better i go off. laying on my own bed without regrets. I'm not that really social, kenal ramai orang, kelua lepak sana sini. i'm not kind yang can trust orang macam tu je. yes, you can be nice, you can care about me, but there is still not-sure-feeling inside of me. that's why, people said i'm boring.not bored. boring. there's difference.

and of course sebab I lagi suka busy. so that i dont feel that lonely. buat itu ini, at least, i tak tenggelam dalam my own deep thoughts yang tah apa-apa.

I want to be busy and  busier. please.
feeling like crying.kbai.

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