The Celebrations on lovely weekend

I'm deeply sorry because lately I have to write in English. Even it is a little bit broken English or you can say it Manglish.haha. I have too, it is like a practise for my MUET ;) You know how lovely my semester breaks are? That is why I have to have the courage to practise more English except lying on the bed, onlining and blogwalking like there is no tomorrow.ehehe

Please dont feel annoying or sort.ehehe.

Yesterday, my family and I celebrated our so-called celebrations. It was conjunction with Adik's 13th Birthday, for me who are getting forth Dean List, and Angah for her offer to matriculation. and it was pretty awesome ! 


We also bought a small chocolate cake. It is just enough for my little family. as I'm not as fancy as my sisters when it comes to cakes and desserts. I'm not sweet-tooth. and Ayah cant eat much sweet things as he is diabetic. So, the cake is just nice. We also got free chocolate by the bakery ;)

and today is supposedly Mother's Day for the whole world. I mean, certain countries are celebrated modernized Mother's Day on second Sunday in May. Some muslim scholars said that as haram. but it so many opinions regarding this issue. I searched on internet, even Prophet's Birthday pun tak boleh sambut because it is ditiru dari the Jewish, and sort of. That they called people-before-us, and it is a little bit confusing. But what i wanna share, is some status by Malaysian public figure a.k.a one of the malaysian hijabies blogger;

and I'm not gonna share or discussing more about this. but I'm personally think that Mother's day is depends on our niat. I think that, if there is no Mother's Day, our generations nowadays, especially who lacking in religions *yes, I am also lacking here and there in my faith and still improving it. will not appreciate what is mean to have a mother. I personally wishing happy mother's day to my mama, errr even it is trough facebook. because i celebrated is as a wishing to a person. not refer to all goddess thing that they said.
And what the best thing during mother;s day? there is a lot of mother's movies on televisions ! haha X D
and of course ; Everyday is mother's days ! :)

okdah. case closed.

There is one army guy who wanna be my the-other-half. rasa nak pengsan ok sebab he is very straight forward.hahaha. He's nice. and we are friends since eid-fitri last year. 

I'm not ready for this. I'm not ready. Deeply sorry. 

This is a thing that I think it really seriously. and I am not gonna accept whoever to be my other half unless you are my really-other half, my magic man :) and I told you so this is not like main kawin-kawin masa kita kecik-kecik ok. err, even he's only asking for a first step in a relationship, as in "couple", tapi serious I'm not fucking ready for any commitment in relationship thingy now.

focus in my final semester and improving myself is much more important :)

and yes, we can be friends, like we are used to be :)

okbai. *blush.

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