As in Fashion.haha

Teringat when mama talked, "ape ke pesen macam tu?" in a slight Perak accent :p

Me, myself have the rules regarding on what I wear, what do's and dont when it comes to fashion.
Kenapa kau tetibaa merepek pasal fashion ni Rara?

Sebab semalam I accompanied my sister on Mara interview. I am freaking bored and usha orang je laa ape lagi. haha. usha here means, eh, dia pakai macam tu eh, macam tu cantik jugak. oh,macam tu tak sesuai la. 

Kan senang dapat dosa kering mengutuk orang dalam hati -.- haha.

The printed tudung goes along with plain shirt/baju kurung and vice versa.

Rules two ; NO GLASSES when wearing shawl or tudung express. *tudung express = tudung sarung.
Glasses match with the bawal one. or wearing it with loose style shawl.
Vintage style glasses are more preferred.

Rules three ; Nak buat fashion statement, boleh. But not overdo.
If you have a very very large printed words or characters on your t-shirt, tonjolkan dia dgn dark coloured cardigan, dark coloured pants. It is best when your shirt in neon, or brighty colours.

Rules four ; Match the colours well. You can do colour tones, colour blocking, but make it nice :)

Rules five ; Make yourself comfortable before going out somewhere. wear what you think is comfortable for you and not feeling "Haih, everyone is looking at meeee. Am I look weird ?''

and yang lain-lain, sama jaa macam siapa yang belajar KH Ekonomi Rumah Tangga masa zaman sekolah dulu ok.hahah

okdah.taktau nak merepek apa dah.okbai. -,-

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