cheese and cheesy

I dont meant to be cheesy tonight.

But, my heart is, a little bit.

Being single for a month? 

It is not easy. We have to many memories, to many promises, to many posts here in this blog.
I tried to wake up from the wonderland, wake up from the nightmare. I tried to forgot everything.
I even off the handphone, blocked from the facebook.

Yes, you can call me childish. sikit-sikit nak block. But please, you are not in my shoes. 

It is hard to accept someone new after you have lost someone you loved. Badrul gone after a year and 26 days of our relationship, and I was single for a year. Then, came this guy. I did gave him a chance. as he promised me that he wanna make me be happy. I startled at first, but there's soft whisper to give him a chance.

yes, I did.

After almost one year, eight months and 25 days, we're no more the-very-lovely-birds.

I'm looking back at the old days, I should thanked him for a very understanding, and supportive man I ever had. yes, he's very patience at every tantrums I had. He's listening to every rambles, every complains.

But yes, I cant feel what-a-one-call-true-love after all. If you read my blog, there's reasons why.
 And that is why, I called it off.

I can feel the pain, and still feeling it.
Every night on bed, the tears came out without warning.
When I am alone I got depressed.

But I'm trying my best to cheer up on people, put a sweet smile on my face, watched tutorials and videos, blogwalked, and get myself busy with muet preparation. I dont want people around me to feel depressed, to kesian kan I. I really dont like it.

Just, for now, I'm waiting for a someone, that really worth for me to call him ; MY OTHER HALF.
For the time being, I am not ready to fall in love, again. We are all have grown up.The relationship is absolutely is not like main-kawin-kawin during our childhood. 

Oh ziera, you are not being serious, are you? 

YES, I'm freaking serious about this. We have grown up.
This is the time we should make some serious decision. For our future, for our own good.

I'm aziera. *I dont feel like using Rara malam ni. and this is my story.

P/s: Ye Haziq Syakir, I dah mentioned nama you dalam blog ni. are you happy now? haha.
Sorry yang atas ni takde kaitan.hahah.:p 

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cik Deela said...

wowwwwwww..dah matured kawan aku ni..aku pon samaaaa...wait for my other half.awwww...