RR's Room Tour

 Err, as you know, one of my wish for this semester break to make a little room make over as I said here.

I am glad, jadi jugak. even tak laa sepenuhnyaa macam yang kita nak.just it is improved. you know lah kan how pemalas nyaa I when it's come to cleaning and keep the room clean and tidy.trust me. I'm worst at these. But still improving. Ni pun sebab tak buat apaa. So, why not i do something beneficial to my very ownself, at least.hehe

I'm warning you, this post has lots of photos.ehehe
the Curtains; It's new and the officially the first for my room.

the Bookshelves ; There are Cleos, Remaja, and of course novelss XD

the boxes ; the upper one is my rarely use make-up :p
the Wardrobe; Lots of B.Kurung and few Kebayaa
These are rarely worn. have to keep it somewhere. Make spaces for new one.hehe

the Bed ; yang selalu I spent most of the day.ehehe
Close-up ; The photos on the headboard. Love love :*
This is what my wonderwall should looked like at first.

I changed with this style instead :)

The table that i told you yesterday X)
awesome !

The bags hanger and the shawlss too ;)
and yes;

the handpainted japanese table :)

There no really special about the room. but yet, I am satisfied and happy to maintain the well-cleaned-tidied room for this time. and the most satisfied for a room that I belong whole for myself.
till then. Assalamualaikum :)

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