This guy helped me, a lot;

err, I mean, this thing.hehe

I bought this acrylic colour before my semester four final exam. Tu pun sebab nak habiskan my free voucher.hehe.and I thought maybe I will do another DIYs during this semester break. and thanks God, memang i buat. or else, this thing will be another long-lost treasure in my room.haha. It's in deep yellow, just like mustard. and you know how I freaking crazy about mustard-colour-like.

And fortunately I have this one japanese table that I used in college. I brought this table home, because I spent most of my online-thingy on this. back in college, we use it as our dining table la kan as the room is little bit small. and it looks boring sebab plain sangat. So, why not I do some makeover by DIY ;)

Here it is;


from the first to the finished product. love.love.

Frankly, I dont really like how the colour turned out on my table. tapi okay la.It is just right. just nice. and sekarang menyesal sebab why on earth I dont buy the turquoise one - my other favorite colour.ehehe. because the turquoise may turned out comel and timbul sikit sebab the original colour of the table is brown.aigoo.

tapi takpe. I love that I could make it today, as I am fasting, in sake of this is Monday, why not kita puasa and do something productive accept lying on bed like there's no tomorrow kan.ehehe.

My favourite shot of the day *thanks to my cikai handphone, my art-instinct *cehh.haha and pixlr-o-matic ;)

I found one of the long-lost knitted table cloth in this house. I washed it, put some softener, and put it on my study table.hehe. sorry mama, dari tak gunaa why not Along guna kan.ehehe. Maybe it will be my favourite photoshot spot lepas ni ;)

and I finished this post with this;

Very much thankyou. Assalamualaikum :)

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