Definitely random

*wipe dust* *wipe dust*

eceh, bajet lamaa gilaa tak update blog.wahaha
sorry memang busy, and sometimes if ada idea, mesti line broadband tah apa-apa. and it just like i dont talk to myself sangat dah lately. too busy to think I might say.haha
and last few weeks are hectic, with all the assignments and presentations. pheww. baru rasa macam manaa teruk jadi final semester student ni T.T sampai tak tidur kejar assignment, kejar tests. *tu laa buat lagi last minit* ehehe

and our business plan presentation was excellent. Even the evaluator sajaa nak test kite leteww. tapi being me, gelak-gelak je laa masa menjawab tu sebab taknak it will be too serious, kang markah effect pulak an. hewhew

Most of tests, is Alhamdulillah, tapi takut, sebab this semester the progress mcm down sikit compared to the pasts. but I hope that, InsyaAllah, I will get the first class diploma nanti *aminn*

I have got my MUET result. and it is just Band 3. lower that I expected to be. but most of all, Alhamdulillah, at last I made it.

and last weekend, sempat jugak, attend one of my kampung's homestay. it was nice. and what was more exciting having japanese in our house. but, yeah, yeah, communication is always the barrier. thanks god to google translate :p
and there I met wonderful new friends, like Masaki, Yuta, Azusa, Asako, Hirofumi, Ryota, Sasuke, Tsubasa, Cheng and many moreee :') The three-days-two-nights homestay was wonderful <3 div="div">

nak story banyak pasal homestay, tapi most of pictures is in my instagram, do follow me; @Azieghaa :)
There, macam-macam photos on our very first homestay programme.

I know, there's only a week-less to go for the final, wish us luck okay, a very damn-luck please, as it is our last exam. and then I will be free like a bird :3

I should think about part time job some other time, at least by end of next month. if not, mesti bosan dekat rumahh. no good. no good.

Life has been not so good lately, with all the inner-outer problems that I faced.
But I know, Allah tested me, because He loves me, InsyaAllah :')

and *another and* yeah, last but not least, to all UiTM diploma students,
Ganbatte :)

Do our best okay ? and take care of yourself in our so-called studyweek ;)


Shah Min Ho said...

band 3 pon okey..hurmm...

Rara said...

tau. tapi kita target band 4. bila dapat lower than expected, upset jugak lah sikit.hewhew