The Wishes

Ehem, pengumuman :p
I, as the birthday girl *even dah 20 puunn nak girl jugak.haha would like to thanks to all of you for all the sweet wishes, sweet du'a. touched, like seriously. also to my beloved mama, for this chocolate ice-cream cakes with strawberries, even bukan secret recipe pun, sedap hingga menjilat jari.hehe. thanks also to all sweet messages and calls, remembering my 20th birthday. and Mr Casper, thankyou for the steamboat and wishing for the tudung-yang-cantik as you promised :p

Kepada yang share birthday bersama, wishing you all the best for future undertaking. even Ajek Hassan Full, the youtube artist whom i adored much pun sharing the same birthday ! X)

I'm hoping that, as I'm now, in my 20s, will be more rational, more calm, more patient and more matured, even i knew kadang-kadang terlebih matured.hehe.and hoping that i could be a better muslim, InsyaAllah. and my dreams will come true.
All the reply on my wall, is truly, deeply from my heart ♥

Wishing you all the best ♥

*copy dari facebook.hehe.